Foliage, autumn colors the forest.

The altitudinal planes are zones or bands of altitude characterized by formally homogeneous flora and vegetation and substantially with a similar or mutually compatible ecology.

For the part relating to the mountainous and alpine territories, the geographical validity which is divided into Piano Nivale, Piano Alpino, Piano Montano, Piano sub-Montano, Piano Basale, extends to the entire chain of the Alps, including the Dolomites, as well as to the of the Carpathians.

Each altitudinal plane has its own characteristics and its beauties. At low altitudes the crops, vineyards and orchards have a variety of colors.

Up to 1500 m we find mixed woods, with broad-leaved trees that create yellow and red-brown spots in the evergreen fir woods.

And while the forest gives way to alpine meadows with the bright red patches of blueberries between the yellows and greens of the other ericaceae, at higher altitudes the larches, the only deciduous conifer, offer all the shades of ocher, while the peaks are usually already whitened by the first autumn snowfalls.