The Grenier Trotteur

Memories of the past. Small ethnographic collection.
In ancient times it was used as a "keeper" of the family's precious things, or rather the container of everything that was most expensive but which was also necessary for food needs. It was used to keep seeds and grains cool and dry, but also to season cured meats. He was the keeper of the ceremonial clothes and notarial deeds. In short, a real safe. This one in particular was in use by four families and therefore divided into four portions. It was accessed from the outside by four different entrances: one to the north and one to the south on the ground floor, two to the north on the first floor. Along the walls formed by thick wooden boards you can still see the seats of the dividers for the grains. On the beams that support the gable roof, cold cuts and supports for rye bread were hung, also to protect them from mice. The clothes and documents were stored in heavy wooden trunks. We recovered it as it was. A testimony of the experience of these valleys and of the historical and cultural wealth of the mountain peoples.
A non-reproducible heritage of our past.