We have all the necessary measures to protect and welcome you! In this particular period, our B&B is the ideal place to spend a few relaxing days in the mountains, surrounded by the woods and the fresh air of the Gran San Bernardo Valley. With the utmost respect for health and hygiene regulations, with us you can:

Our rooms enjoy ample space and romantic windows from which you can see the mountains and woods. All rooms are furnished with a large and comfortable table with chairs. Always in every room, for your moments of relaxation or to recharge your batteries, in the small cupboard you will find the kettle and everything you need to prepare tea or...



Discovering nature in winter... Snow shoes, an ancient method used by man to move across the snow before the invention of skis, provide even those without experience with the means of exploring the magical world of winter nature, offering an interesting alternative to skiing.
The Great St Bernard valley, with its woods and gently-shaped valleys,...

With the Interreg SKIALP @ GSB project, discover the fabulous ski mountaineering area in the valleys of the Gran San Bernardo. Info https://www.gulliver.it/skialpgsb

For the part relating to the mountainous and alpine territories, the geographical validity which is divided into Piano Nivale, Piano Alpino, Piano Montano, Piano sub-Montano, Piano Basale, extends to the entire chain of the Alps, including the Dolomites, as well as to the of the Carpathians.